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Experienced Cabinet Installers -


Being a Wood Mill Cabinet installer takes a lot of skill as well as a superb work ethic.  Our Installation Foremen must not only be able to install the cabinets quickly and accurately, they must also do so in a professional manner.  What's more, the Foremen are responsible for the equipment and the crew of men under their charge from the time they leave the shop until they return.


Tasks - Cabinet Installers must be willing and able to perform the following installation tasks  with little or no supervision.   Tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • driving the company vehicle (with its attached trailer) from the shop to the jobsite and back to the shop
  • transporting (carrying) the cabinets from the vehicle or trailer to their respective location in the building
  • installing the cabinets
  • applying applicable moldings
  • cleaning up his work area after the job


Applicant Requirements - This job requires the applicant to:

  • be highly motivated and energetic
  • be able to read a measuring tape
  • be able to arrive at work each morning and be ready to work by 7:00 AM with minimal tardiness or absenteeism (starting time may vary depending on job responsibilities)
  • be able to identify common wood species
  • have a valid drivers liscense and a reasonably clean driving record.  You must let us know if you have any DWI's or DUI's
  • provide for himself the following personal hand tools which must be available to him at all times while on the job:
    • tool pouch
    • hammer
    • measuring tape
    • utility knife
    • nail set
    • speed square
    • 1" putty knife
    • 1/8" pilot hole/countersink drill bit

Though not required, these skills and attributes are considered a plus:

  • experience as a trim carpenter and the ability to cut and apply various crown and cove mouldings
  • having a valid driver's license and a clean driving record
  • being able to interact responsibly with our customers


Wages and Benefits:

  • Starting Pay: minimum wage - $15/hr. depending on skills.  Pay increases are based on merit, skill, attendance, and responsibility
  • Fringe Benefits: None other than the opportunity to work in a professionally run, fast-paced, well established, yet growing company
  • Flexible time off policy . . . we try to accommodate your needs
  • Opportunity for growth . . . practically all our current leaders began at the bottom and worked their way up


If Interested in this Position . . .

Call or e-mail to set up an Interview:

 Jason Kelley

(903) 769-3011

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