Sustainable Cabinetry
The right SOLUTION today for a better TOMORROW!
Finding your shade of Green;

The global definition of GREEN is evolving - Here's how Texas Wood Mill Cabinets, Inc. can help you find the SOLUTION that works for you:


Green Air –

Indoor air quality is gaining considerable attention. Here are some facts regarding air quality, specifically, (UF) Urea-Formaldehyde and (VOC’s) Volatile Organic Compounds:

Formaldehyde is a type of VOC, which are naturally occurring chemicals
UF is common in the wood-working industry as a bonding agent.
UF has been identified by many health organizations as a carcinogen
In homes, UF is most prevalent in pressed wood products, specifically, (MDF) Medium Density Fiberboard and Hardwood Plywood
UF and other VOC’s may cause watery eyes and burning sensations in the nose and throat
Formaldehyde emission standards; US ANSI: 0.30ppm; Europe EI: 0.10ppm
Artificial VOC’s are also common in most paint thinners, paints, and stains



Texas Wood Mill Cabinets, Inc. offers Plywood and MDF options with no added UF and less than 0.02ppm formaldehyde levels. We also use only water-based non-toxic glues that are FDA approved for indirect food contact (cutting boards).

Additionally, Texas Wood Mill Cabinets, Inc. is proud to offer pre-finished custom cabinets which utilize water-borne finishes, and, in some applications, manufactured cabinets which contain low / no-VOC finishes.

Green Trees–

Continued preservation of our natural resources is nothing new to Texas Wood Mill Cabinets, Inc. To us the term SUSTAINABLE means, “Choosing the right SOLUTION today for a better tomorrow". Here are SOLUTIONS we can provide you in the material construction of your cabinets:


Use FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) certified hardwood
Use Veneered plywood from FSC or SFI certified sources
Use Engineered MDF comprised of 100% pre-consumer recycled wood fiber

Texas Wood Mill Cabinets, Inc. is proud to be part of the Columbia
Forest Products' PUREBOND ® Fabricator Network providing Formaldehyde-Free plywood and composite products...

GREEN SOLUTION today for a better TOMORROW
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