Cabinet Doors
Your cabinet doors are what adds style to what would otherwise be shelves hanging on the wall. Texas Wood Mill Cabinets has built tens of thousands of cabinet doors in the past 25 years. Below is a sample of some of our most common doors styles. Any style can be built out of any species of wood you would like. Many other door styles are available, including CNC cut MDF doors.

Wood Mill 3-Part Sanding Process

All of our wood doors undergo this 3-part process to insure your doors are ready to receive its finish coat of paint or stain.

Custom Built Cabinet Doors, Custom Cabinetry Tyler, Engineered Custom Cabinets, Quality Built Cabinets, Custom Built Cabinets, Wood Mill Provider Step 1: After it’s assembled, each door makes three passes through our 43” wide-belt sander to insure it is perfectly flat and smooth.
Step 2: Doors undergo careful hand sanding to remove any cross-grain sanding marks left over from the wide-belt sander.
Step 3: Interior and exterior details are smoothed out with a rotary fladder sander.


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