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Remodeling your kitchen?

Our expert sales staff has years of experience in the building trades and can help American Madecoordinate the entire project. We can make design recommendations to ensure that your dream kitchen will fit within your space limitations, and we’ll work with your building contractor to make sure it all goes together as planned. We work with a number of qualified contractors in the various trades who we can confidently recommend.

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Cabinet Products

Construction Features and more!

For over 30 years our East Texas business has led the way in innovation and design. Using the latest 3-D CAD software our designers take the actual dimensions of your kitchen, combine them with your dreams, wishes, and our expertise to come up with the perfect layout for your new kitchen or bath. We then construct your cabinets using the materials and hardware of your choice. And yes – we do it all at a very competitive price!

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Sustainable Cabinetry

Finding your shade of green!

Texas Wood Mill Cabinets, Inc. offers Plywood and MDF options with no added UF and less than 0.02ppm formaldehyde levels. We also use only water-based non-toxic glues that are FDA approved for indirect food contact (cutting boards). Additionally, Texas Wood Mill Cabinets, Inc. is proud to offer pre-finished custom cabinets which utilize water-borne finishes, and, in some applications, manufactured cabinets which contain low / no-VOC finishes.

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Can you give me an accurate cabinet bid off of my plans?

Yes. If your plans are to scale, and if you give us a reasonably good idea of what you want your cabinets to look like, we can give you a bid. Then as long as your walls measure out to be within 2 or 3 inches of what your plans show, we will not have to adjust the bid. Obviously, if there are big changes to wall lengths or to what you ultimately say you want in your cabinets, we'll have to adjust accordingly.

Do I have to pick certain sizes of cabinets?

No. That's the beauty of custom built cabinets. We can make them any width, height, or depth you want. If you want a particular size drawer for a special purpose, we can make it just like you want. Have it YOUR way!

Do you guarantee your work?

Absolutely. We guarantee that we will build and install your cabinets in accordance with the drawings you have approved. We also guarantee the materials and workmanship that go into your custom built cabinets for the period of one year. We also agree to make adjustments to doors and drawers as need for that period. We have built and installed custom built cabinets in thousands of homes in East Texas, and most of our customers have needed no adjustments to their cabinets after the initial installation.

The Custom Cabinet Process

Browsing through one of our comprehensive online galleries or stopping by our full-featured showroom are great ways to find ideas for your new cabinets. From range hoods to unique accessories, Texas Wood Mill Cabinets, Inc. can help you achieve your design objectives. Purchasing custom cabinets from Texas Wood Mill provides you with all kinds of possibilities. You're not limited to stock designs or sizes. We can build a custom cabinet to the nearest 1/16 of an inch! Our expert staff will be glad to assist you in determining what would work best for your kitchen, bath, or any cabinet in your home or office.

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Customer Testimonials

Texas Wood Mill Cabinets can SOLVE all your cabinet needs!

  • "I have never seen workers that were as meticulous as they were installing our cabinets. Every time they put a screw in they checked it with a level. Every door perfectly aligned. Absolutely the prettiest cabinets I could ever even imagine. Outstanding! My husband and I are in awe! Thanks for a dream come true! "

    Caelley Fontenot

  • "Professionally designed and installed my kitchen cabinets. They came out several times to discuss design and measurements and were very professional and accommodating. "

    Gloria Swift

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