The most beautiful cabinets can soon become a frustration if the doors are continually out of adjustment or if the drawers don’t work. In order to provide ease of adjustment and long-term, reliable operation, Texas Wood Mill Cabinets uses high quality hardware from some of the leading cabinet hardware makers in the business. Below is a sampling of the most common functional hardware we use.


Compact Hinges: – As our standard hinge, the Blum Compact 38 series is a totally concealed, self closing hinge that provides enduring strength and ease of adjustment at a reasonable price. Because of minimal protrusion into the cabinet, it is easy to work with and design around. These hinges allow the door to open 107o.

Clip Hinges: – Like Compact hinges, clip hinges are totally concealed and self closing, with the added features of more (and easier) adjustment and the ability to remove the door from the cabinet without tools (like the name implies – they simply ‘clip’ on and off). There are a number of different styles and types of clip hinges available depending on the application. Generally speaking, the wider you want the door to open, the more expensive the hinge. Our typical clip hinge opens 120o. Though clip hinges are more convenient for the user, they can cause problems when trying to add pull-outs and many types of convenience hardware.

Pivot Hinges: A very simple semi-concealed self closing hinge, pivot hinges are the favorite for many of our customers. Because of their simple design, they can open a full 180 or more degrees. Adjustment is not as easy as the Compact and Clip hinges. Though they are a little less expensive than the previous hinges, they take a little more time to install. Pivot hinges require a slot in the side of the door.

Drawer Glides

Captive Roller: Just as the name implies, captive roller glides have a nylon wheel on each side of the drawer and the one on the right rides in a channel to keep the drawer aligned and running strait. Rated at 75 lbs. these glides extend ¾ of the way out and are more than adequate for most purposes. To remove the drawer from the cabinet you simply pull the drawer toward you and lift up. These glides provide many years of service at an economical price. They are available in limited colors for an additional charge.

Full Extension: these glides have ball bearing rails that operate quiet and smooth. They extend the entire length of the drawer, so everything is visible. Rated at 100+ lbs., we automatically use them in drawers that we expect may be carrying a heavy load.

Under Mount: If you don't want to see a drawer glide at all we have a full extension under mount glides rated for 75 or 100 lbs. These glides are attached to the drawer via a hidden clip. Just press the clip and the drawer can be completely removed from the glide.

Soft Close Feature: Both the Compact and Clip hinges as well as Full Extension and Under Mount glides are available with soft close feature that prevents doors and drawers from slamming against the cabinet.