Drawers make a cabinet much more functional by providing a convenient place to keep smaller items such as silverware, spices, cosmetics, etc. Since drawers greatly enhance the usefulness of your cabinets, Texas Wood Mill Cabinets wants to help you make wise decisions concerning where to put drawers and how to have your drawers configured. Normally, all base cabinets (the ones that sit on the floor) have drawers all along the top as well as at least one drawer stack (a vertical stack of drawers) somewhere close to the kitchen sink. Normally, the master bath will have at least one stack of drawers. Other common areas to add drawers include under the cooktop (normally deep drawers for pots and pans), in a desk or knee space area, under an oven, and just about anywhere you want to add functionality to the cabinet.

If you want the convenience of drawer, but like the look of cabinet doors, we have the solution! Pull Out Shelves! The perfect way to eliminate bending over with your head stuck in a cabinet trying to find the items stuffed in the back, Pull Outs make everything accessible. Do you want the ‘perfect’ pantry? Fill it with Pull Out shelves. Talk about a loaded pantry . . . you can have a complete shelf filled with canned goods and have another shelf just an inch above the cans, yet be able to have complete and uninhibited access to all the cans . . . even the ones in the back!


Wood Mill's standard drawer sides are made from ½" nine-ply birch plywood and the drawer bottoms are ¼" plywood. On larger drawers, we substitute ½" plywood for the drawer bottom. We can also provide solid maple drawer sides and dovetail joints instead of our standard interlocking joint.

Ask you Wood Mill Cabinets representative to suggest the best places for drawers and pull outs in the cabinets for your new home.

Oh – and by the way. Here’s a tip to insure your drawers operate smoothly and quietly: Ask your builder to have the painter mask off your drawer slides while staining or painting your cabinets. Paint and laquer on the drawer slides will cause them to operate as if they have sand in them and will make them harder to open and close